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The Universidad Da Vinci is an on-line higher education institution constituted as a Non Profit Organization, with a strong interest toward research, exploration and transmission of learning innovations, implementation of disruptive technologies in teaching methodologies, learning models and academic collaboration.

Under such vision and continuing with the academic work settled the last four years in the Doctoral Instructional Technology and Computer Systems Programs, the Universidad Da Vinci cordially invites you to the




The International Conference of Emerging Technologies in Education and Computer Science 2013 aims to generate an academic scene devoted to the exploration and analysis of the impact that innovative educational technologies and computer science have on education as well as on the teaching and learning processes.

The evolution and globalization of electronic devices, the growing world-wide coverage and the capacity of the digital services have made evident the need of defining the influence that these new technological trends have on education, from basic to postgraduate levels.
Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), Personal Learning Environments (PLEs), Open Source Software (OSS), Social Networks, Tablets, and Smart Phones are some of the innovative technologies that constantly redefine the use of the internet, differentiating the digital native from the digital immigrants, and transforming a large population to digital omnivore.

Educational institutions, university deans, public educational curriculum and policy planners, elementary, high school and university teachers, educational researchers, as well as developers of educational applications should be up-to-date with the most striking educational innovations that may be used in and out of the classroom in order to find pedagogical and financial options for the implementation of these technological innovations in their teaching practice.

In this sense, the International Conference of Emerging Technologies in Education and Computer Science 2013 offers the opportunity for the academic discussion of the best and most recent educational technologies in order to both, transmit them and foster their application in the participants’ teaching practice as well as their inclusion in the development of institutional projects of technological innovation that are oriented to ease the teaching and learning processes. Also, the Conference aims to promote the use of low-cost technology that contributes to ample de coverage of education.

For that the emphasis of the Conference will be on the features of Latin-American countries, participants from this subcontinent will be especially welcomed. 

The lecturers of this Conference are internationally recognized and highly specialized in the field of educational technology. There will be workshops and lectures on innovations of educational technology, on-line course development, the development of creativity through the use of electronic devices, and on the use of smart phones applications for educational purposes.

The Universidad Da Vinci is committed, through this Conference, to offer an international forum for researchers, university staff, and all participants to find possible solutions to problems such as the need for increasing the enrollment of institutions, the creation of diverse educational programs and the inclusion of technology in the teaching and learning processes.


University, high school and elementary teachers, researchers, specialists in the design and development of on-line courses, mobile applications designers, people in charge of on-line educational systems, university staff, educational researchers, public planners of educational policies, postgraduate students interested in this field and to the general public, to participate in the exchange of experiences, in the establishment of agreements and to the share the agenda around:


Deadline for lecture proposals submission: Thursday July 31st
Evaluation and Selection of proposals: August 1st - 15th
Results will be issued to candidates on Monday September 8th

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